Foundational yoga therapy teacher training course

Training course for Yoga teachers and therapists with formal foundation

Where can you find reputable training for Yoga teachers and therapists? How much does it cost to become a Yoga instructor? Which Yoga training center provides in-depth, high-quality instruction in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City? What qualifications are required to become a professional Yoga instructor?

If you are struggling with these questions amidst the flood of 7,749 centers offering 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga teacher training courses with international certificates, but unknown quality, then look no further.

Where can you find reputable Yoga teacher and therapist training? Currently, becoming a Yoga teacher or therapist is a highly sought-after profession in the health and beauty industry as people increasingly understand the importance of their health and strive to improve their physical and mental well-being through natural methods.

Yoga teachers and therapists are like doctors, not only instructing students on how to care for their external body but also guiding them on how to cultivate their inner spirit, morality, and benevolence. Therefore, being a Yoga teacher or therapist is a noble profession.

With over 10 years of experience in the Yoga field, ATTA YOGA is proud to be among the top five reputable Yoga teacher and therapist training centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (search for “Yoga teacher training in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City” on Google).

The founder and instructor with extensive knowledge and experience is Ms. Luu Nga, who holds a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy and Rehabilitation from the prestigious Svyasa University in India, one of the top Yoga universities in the world.

Introduction to Ms. Luu Nga’s Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course


Direct teaching from Master Luu Nga (Master of Science in Yoga Therapy / Founder of ATTA – Yoga Therapy and Inner Self-Meditation System / 12 years of practicing and researching in the field of Yoga Therapy, mental therapy methods both in and outside the country)

(Training curriculum to train Yoga teachers according to the standard of the leading Yoga system in India, compiled to be suitable for Vietnamese people)


Message from Ms. Luu Nga

“The Torn Shirt”

I remember my yellow shirt with a torn hem on the day of the graduation ceremony, marking the end of my first ever training course. It was a month full of emotions.

I want you to change! Don’t look at the world through the eyes of the crowd when you want to be different.

Everyone has their own unique scent, beauty, inner strength, and instinct.

The assistant asked me, “What will you teach in the training course?”

I said, “I want them to return as themselves.”

I don’t want you to be tied to a certificate, a piece of knowledge in a book, or be constrained by the prejudices of the crowd. When you find your own way based on what makes you who you are from the inside, the forest will bloom.

I’m not sure if you will make a lot of money after the course or not. It’s a process of constant learning and effort to make each of your teaching hours valuable.

But I can assure you that these will be the days you will never forget in your life. The flavor I add to it is the present and the reality.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for:

Beginners who are new to the field of Yoga and have a passion for becoming a professional Yoga trainer or teacher.
Those who have already participated in Yoga teacher training courses but still feel uncertain about their knowledge.
Yoga trainers or teachers who have lost their direction after a period of teaching.
Those who feel lacking in self-confidence and unsure if they have enough knowledge to teach a class.
Students who want to delve deeper into the knowledge of Yoga Therapy and understand what it truly is.
Anyone who has a lot of questions about Yoga in their mind and has not found the answers yet.
This is the course you need to attend.

Requirements to become a professional Yoga teacher , instructor?

Are You Ready to Learn?

Let go of the ego and sit down to listen with complete openness.

Are you willing to invest?

Knowledge is what you need to invest in the most if you want your path to become sustainable.

Are you ready to start again?

Throw away the old to build the new, silently thanking the old for helping you get to the new.

You are ready to Love

Loving yourself is never the wrong path.

You are ready to be silent

Only when everything is silent can you truly see yourself clearly.

Who will you be learning with?

Master Lưu Nga 


Master of Science in Yoga Therapy – ATTA Mindfulness Academy
Healer of the “mind” – ATTA Mindfulness Academy
Meditation guide – Mindfulness Meditation
Founder of ATTA YOGA, ATTA Mindfulness Academy
12 years of experience in teaching Yoga.

Bằng tốt nghiệp Thạc Sỹ Khoa Học Yoga Trị Liệu – Master Of Science Yoga Therapy tại trường Đại Học Yoga danh tiếng hàng đầu Ấn Độ S-VYASA ( tiếng Anh )

Bằng tốt nghiệp Thạc Sỹ Khoa Học Yoga Trị Liệu – Master Of Science Yoga Therapy tại trường Đại Học Yoga danh tiếng hàng đầu Ấn Độ S-VYASA ( tiếng Sanskrit )

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Why choose ATTA YOGA to participate in the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course?

Established Yoga Center with Over 10 Years of Experience

As a reputable and highly specialized center for training yoga teachers in therapeutic practices, we have been operating in Hanoi for over 10 years. Thousands of students are currently practicing with us every day to improve their health and well-being.

Highly qualified lecturers with a Master's degree in Science and rich teaching experience.

The experienced training instructor has over 10 years of research and practical experience in Yoga therapy both domestically and internationally, directly teaching the Yoga teacher training course is Ms. Luu Nga (Master of Science in Yoga Therapy, a mental therapy practitioner).

Knowledge, standardized exercises are scientifically designed for effectiveness.

The knowledge and exercises are scientifically researched and carefully tailored to each individual to help enhance health, prevent illnesses, and rejuvenate the skin…(They have been verified by hundreds of students who have been training at the center. Come to ATTA to hear them share their experiences.)

Many community therapy classes with plenty of teaching assistance and practical training time.

There are numerous yoga therapy classes throughout the day, from early morning to late evening, serving almost all participants who want to improve their health and treat their illnesses with over 160 classes per month. Learning must go hand in hand with practice. Community yoga therapy classes are a great opportunity for future teachers to practice and assist in teaching the knowledge they have learned right on the teaching podium.

Course content

Note: The content above is only a brief summary, for copyright reasons we seek your understanding that we will not post the complete content here, but it will be available in the course when you join.


Theory/Philosophy of the standard method of Yoga therapy at Indian universities.
Basic Pranayama & Kriyas
Mantra – Basic energy wave usage skills (especially not covered in any courses in Vietnam)
Basic asanas for therapy
Meditation guidance skills
Teaching skills, voice projection and emotional communication to students
Creating effective and continuous exercise sequences that create emotional flow for students
Correcting postures, movements to avoid injury and for people with disabilities
Basic human anatomy
Asana Practice: Including 84 basic asanas, which are the foundation of many different types of yoga and the root of many variant asanas. From these 84 postures, you can build hundreds of different yoga exercises for beginners, intermediate to advanced practitioners, and other yoga styles such as prenatal yoga, kids’ yoga, etc.


This is a favorite topic for many students because it is not physically demanding and is often taught in the morning. Proper breathing technique is essential while practicing yoga, and there are many different breathing techniques that help cleanse the body or heal diseases. If you don’t breathe correctly, yoga practice will not yield the desired results. Meditation is the highest state that yoga practitioners need to aim for, bringing clarity and wisdom, helping individuals harmonize with the universe.


Purifying breathing, nasal cleansing, and intestinal cleansing help to eliminate toxins in the body, increase the absorption capacity of many other organs, improve sleep quality, and promote a healthy spirit. The purification exercises are divided into levels, some of which require a lot of practice time and perseverance.


This is an indispensable part of yoga exercises, and many people do not understand why it is necessary. In fact, chanting has many meanings and is also the sound of the universe. Some chants, when pronounced correctly, will stimulate many parts of the body.


A Yoga teacher needs to have good qualities, and this part not only trains the necessary qualities of a Yoga teacher but also helps them to have more confidence in front of their students.

Support policies after Yoga teacher training courses at ATTA

Thank you Master Luu Nga

Sending to Madam – The Ageless Woman

On this day, people are sharing pictures of practicing Yoga together. It is a great way to spread the word about Yoga to more people. However, ATTA always has a special way of remembering this day in the hearts of everyone working at ATTA. It is about learning to appreciate the person who brought Yoga to each member of ATTA in their own unique way.

For you, Madam is the ageless woman. You have been lucky to be with her for five years now. You have witnessed the things she has led for the ATTA ship and every crew member on the ship, and you feel that there is still so much to learn from her. It is impossible to know how old she is. Sometimes she is as carefree as a girl of nineteen or twenty with young students. Sometimes she sits quietly beside the elderly who have reached their twilight years. She knows how to start a conversation with any student, no matter who they are. You have learned from her how to put aside your own judgments and sit with the students to listen and understand more. Sometimes, she is like a talented leader who leads the ship through storms and rough waters. Thanks to her strict and straightforward moments, you have changed and grown. Although it is not much, it is hoped that it can help the ATTA team become stronger in the future.

Thank you, Madam, for bringing Yoga to you and everyone in a special way from your heart.

ATTA – A day not far away for the younger generation to practice – without fear of difficulties or hardships!



Thùy Linh / Yoga Teacher

Dear Ms Lưu Nga

The day I met you was the day you were in a period of silence. You said that your life was divided into stages, and each stage was a transition, and with each transition, there would be waves. Waves can be big or small, and you will use your strength depending on the size of the wave to keep the boat steady.

I remember the day we lay under the moon and stars on the ground in the village of Mai, Thailand. We were lying on a bamboo bed that we carried out into the open sky.

I also remember the moment we sat down for the ATTA vegetarian lunch every day. You didn’t say anything, but I understood that you wanted the spoon. It was the first time I experienced the feeling of a mental connection. It was real when it came.

You advised me that if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to take care of my family. I was happy to have a stable source of energy from you and my fellow ATTA members before my son Bon was born.

Thank you for taking me to a different space where I could fully embrace new moments in my life.

Yours sincerely,

Thúy An / Yoga Teacher

June 21, 2019: International Yoga Day

Dear Ms. Luu Nga,

One year ago, I didn’t know what International Yoga Day was. But this year is different, and I thank you for introducing me to the world of yoga. I feel that this day would have no meaning for me if it weren’t for you and my colleagues at ATTA, where I am currently fulfilling my responsibilities.

At the beginning, I never imagined that I would stay and be present in this place. I vividly remember the emotions I felt back then – they were chaotic and unclear. The first few days working at ATTA were a time that I will never forget. I used to come back from work and sit with my roommates, speaking ill of ATTA. I had never worked in such a strictly regulated environment before. When I graduated from university, I thought life outside was full of possibilities. But then I ventured into ATTA, where you were the person who shattered all of our dreams. You never stopped creating difficulties, challenges, and pressure for me. When we opened our branch in Gia Lam, you left me alone to take care of everything. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t cry due to pressure. But it was like a setup – you were always there when I felt discouraged. You helped me understand and love the path of ATTA from the beginning. I have grown and matured compared to Le Nhung a year ago.

I feel so lucky. Through some kind of fortune, I came to ATTA to understand that a young person needs to have ideals and genuine love, and no matter how difficult it is, they should never give up. As long as my hands are still on my arms, I will continue to do useful things.

I am Nhung, your student, and I will be a young person who helps our country move forward with ideals and sincere love.

Thank you, Ms. Luu Nga, and all of my colleagues at ATTA for always being by my side on this journey.

Lê Nhung / Yoga Teacher

The media is talking about ATTA and Ms. Luu Nga

Below are some images of the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course at ATTA YOGA – Buddha Yoga.

A unique identity only found at ATTA

ATTA’s Yoga Therapy Trainer Training Course Schedule

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