ATTA YOGA is a center specializing in training and teaching therapy yoga, founded by Ms. Luu Nga – an international yoga therapist with a master’s degree in yoga therapy. It was established with the goal of providing a yoga training method suitable for and designed specifically for Vietnamese people. The yoga training method is combined with Buddhist teachings that reflect Vietnamese culture, in a peaceful space suitable for students with health issues or those who want to focus on inner exploration.

The teaching staff at ATTA who instruct therapy yoga are carefully selected by Ms. Luu Nga to have both a compassionate heart and extensive knowledge. The motto that each therapy yoga instructor at ATTA always embodies when teaching students is “Always listen – Never stop learning, Always discipline – Never stop practicing, Always share – Never stop loving.” In addition to teaching and supporting students with health issues, each therapeutic instructor must also constantly cultivate their own heart and intellect. Serving as a therapeutic instructor at ATTA is a fulfilling experience.

With their deep expertise, the teaching staff at ATTA Yoga has a full reputation and is highly qualified to advise students on issues related to their mental state, specialized therapy, and provide therapy regimens for students with health issues.

The classes at ATTA YOGA are very diverse. For students with health issues, each organ system will be examined, and an appropriate therapy regimen will be designed based on the individual’s specific health condition. For those who want to maintain good health, not only do they have access to training spaces with depth, but they can also engage with positive communities to increase their love for life and everyone and everything around them.

With the desire to share knowledge of traditional, scientific yoga that can be applied to all students, ATTA also organizes short and long-term courses, outdoor excursions to help people gain a deeper understanding and experience of the therapeutic yoga method that brings many benefits to oneself and those around them.

We are proud that ATTA YOGA is the leading yoga center in Vietnam that takes care of health, career orientation, and professional therapy yoga with scientific and formal methods. We believe that when you want to return to yourself, ATTA is the perfect place for you to come back to.

The motto of the teaching staff at ATTA is:

Always listen – Never stop learning

Always discipline – Never stop practicing

Always share – Never stop loving